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Silicon Face Ice Roller

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Reasons to Love


Ice Roller for Face Ice Roller for Face Massager Face Ice Roller to Enhance Skin Glow Shrink &Tighten Pores Reusable Facial Ice Roller Face Ice Treatment (Multi)

Features of The Ice Roller:


👉1.Unbreakable & Reusable :Made of the Durable & Reusable silicone materials.


👉2.Gentle & Effective : Suitable for all kinds of skin types.


👉3.Easy To Hold & Easy To Use.


👉4.Customize recipes to meet your skin's needs.


Upgraded Version VS Old Version:


👉1.Compared to the old version, the updated version has a leak-proof sink design, so you don't get your hands wet when you use it.


👉2.The design of the heart-shaped filling port bottle stopper, makes it easy to add water and does not leak. The lid can prevent peculiar smell in the refrigerator.


👉3.The surface adopts the shape of diamond cutting, which can be more firmly maintained when used.



👉Once, simply apply for a few moments on morning and evening cleanses or over serums and masks to accelerate product absorption.


👉Apply ice to your face every 30 seconds every day in circular motion for best results.

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